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Wow, it’s already August – can you believe it? No matter how much we plan, the months always seem to sneak up on us. It’s surreal to be standing outside in the sweltering heat discussing projects “racing to HVAC” before the first big winter storm hits. Following the Chicago Race to Mackinac Island, we begin our ritual of visualizing the bitter cold and planning projects around Christmas.

This brings us to our next project – the Hyde Park Condo! We’ve had so many great projects and clients this year, the Hyde Park Condo is no exception. This project consists of the gut renovation of an approximately 2,500SF condo located on the 23rd Floor and includes three new bathrooms including a luxurious Master Suite, the remodeling of a new Kitchen, the installation of a high-velocity air conditioning system, and extensive moulding installations. Hyde Park is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Chicago, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a building constructed after 1940 that the University of Chicago doesn’t own. Our building was constructed in 1928 and still boasts the original plaster crown mouldings, door handles, and even the original intercom system.

Long story short, this condo is fantastic. It’s also terrifying because we have so much to protect. High-rise buildings are a totally different animal than freestanding buildings. The elevator and exterior access coordination alone can write its own blog; however, the bigger issue is the structural components. These buildings are supported by massive concrete columns. Each subfloor and ceiling is concrete. The walls are plaster and the interior of the walls can be…well, anything. This means that the second we start throwing sledgehammers, we start learning. The big trick will be to take down the walls WITHOUT taking down the original plaster mouldings so I don’t have cardiac arrest and die before seeing the final product.

The other exciting aspect of this project are the finishes – yes, every project has a final reveal; however, this project is providing homage to the 1928 classic style while incorporating contemporary pieces: Plaster crown moulding and sleek, flush cabinetry; A cast iron soaking tub and black porcelain sink; 6-piece chair rails with 10” wide hickory hardwood flooring.

We can’t appreciate the final reveal without starting at the beginning. So, here are the “Before” photos:


Stay tuned, folks! It’s going to be awesome.
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